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On Sunday 4th October 2010 the South West England Field Target Association SWEFTA organised their regional Showdown competition. This is a field target shoot that is exclusive to 32 qualifiers, taken from the best scores achieved during the 2009 season. In a head to head competition, whoever knocks more targets over than the other is the winner and goes through to the next round.

It was held at Buckley Wood near Exeter. Richard Clark took part in the competition and after getting through some tight knockout rounds into the final, Rich had a magnificent winning score of 17-13 making him the South West England FT Showdown champion for 2009.

Hearty congratulations go to Rich for his excellent achievement.


Inter Regional competition at Newbury on Sunday 5th April shooting for the south west region, Very well done to Richard Clarke who was top scorer for the south west and also had the second highest score across the entire country. Top score was 37 ex 40. Rich was on to match that, but missed the last (40th) target by 2 millimetres at 50 yards range. If he had knocked that one down he would have been joint national top score.

Unfortunately the south west was dogged by bad luck; a car carrying three of our squad broke down at Avonmouth with electrical failure and so we were three short of our full complement of 15. We were eventually 6th out of 9 regions and that was with 3 shooters absent.

John Anderson

29th March 2009

At the third round of the 2009 SWEFTA league today, held at Dartmoor Marksmen's ground up on the moor above South Brent, Shebbear's team did rather well.

Nigel Wimot topped the C grade section with a score that was good enough to be shooting two grades above his class.

Trevor Bray took second place in the same section. In the piston class, our new member Ranald McGregor took second place in his first ever piston FT competition.

Well done you lads.

Shebbear will play host to the fourth round of the league, on Sunday April 26th, when we expect to have around 40 visitors taking part, from as far afield as Bristol, Weymouth and the Newquay area.

Sunday 14th October 2007

About 20 shooters represented the south west, wales had a few more as it was their home ground and very little travelling involved for them. The basis of the competition is that everybody shoots the same 40 targets, and the best ten scores from each team are added together, the team with the larger aggregate being the winner.

The top shot of the day was Dorian Falconer, a Welsh International and he scored 38. Second was Paul Eaton (the South West 2007 champion) from Buckley Wood club near Exeter, and he had 37. No-one scored 36, then six shooters all scored 35 each. I was in that group, along with Nigel Street from South Devon, and four Welsh competitors. We could not all be joint third so we had to have a six-way shoot-off to decide the 3rd to 8th places.

In a shoot-off, you shoot two targets first seated then again kneeling then again standing. They were at 50 and 55 yards range and the bull you are looking for is 40mm diameter. In the first round of the shoot-off, two WeIsh were eliminated, so they were declared 7th and 8th. In the next round another Welsh went out and he was 6th. In the next round I went out to be 5th overall. Nigel went out next so he was 4th, leaving another Welsh International Mark Sheperd is also the reigning European Champion, in 3rd place.

Chris Jones from Cullompton scored 34 and tied with a welsh shooter; they had a shoot off which Chris won to take 9th place overall.

So the south west had Paul Eaton in second place, Nigel Street in fourth, me at fifth, and Chris Jones in ninth place.

Sadly it wasn't enough and we lost overall by roughly 330 to 315.

Back row from right, Chris, Paul, Nigel. Front row from left, Rich


Sunday 1st April saw a Richard Clark making his mark for Shebbear and the South West. He took part in the inter-regional field target shooting competition at Curridge, near Newbury. This is an annual event when the seven English regions plus Wales and Scotland send their best fifteen shots to take part and to see which is the winning region. That's 135 shooters all told. There are ten clubs in the South West and it's an honour to shoot for the region at this event.

Our region doesn't normally do well in this type of competition because we have fewer people, and usually at this competition we come last or last but one out of the nine that enter.

This year we fared a lot better and we came fourth, being pipped out of third place by only seven shots, 267 to 260. The top score of the day was 36. With Richard the fifth best in the whole of the country, with 32.

Tony Jones practising with his hunter FT rifle

Rich Clark taking part in the challenge shoot between the south west and south wales in October 2006. The south west beat the visitors by just 4 targets.

A typical knock down target

The aim is to hit the centre zone and then the target will fall. If you hit the black plate nothing happens.

The target can be reset for the next shooter by pulling a cord.