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Heanton Nursing Home celebrates Aviation Day

The 19th August is Aviation Day which celebrates the development of powered flight. The 19th was chosen as it was Orville Wright's birthday, who famously went on to fly the first aeroplane with his brother in 1903, so although Aviation Day is an American observance, it is of interest to aviation fans from across the globe.

One of those global fans is 90-year-old, Albert (Bob) Hobson, who spent much of his life in the RAF. He now lives at Heanton Nursing Home, near Barnstaple and they are helping him to celebrate his interest in avionics. He has lived at the home since the summer of 2015 and it is remarkable to think that Albert was born just 26 years after the Wright brothers’ historical first flight.

Albert joined the RAF as an engineer in the 1940s. He met his wife, Doris, in Newcastle when she was over on holiday from Ireland and they fell in love. When Albert’s job took him out to the Far East, she flew out to join him in on an RAF base in Singapore where they were married in 1952.

She said that she had grown up in Ireland, so moving to Singapore was a huge change for her. She went on to say that Albert had wanted to be an engineer from an early age and was always great at fixing anything around their home. In Singapore they lived in quarters at RAF Changi and Albert loved his work. It was an exciting time to be an engineer as the RAF were changing from having propeller driven aircraft to newer, jet powered aircraft.

Doris said Singapore was a wonderful place to live and she has many happy memories from their time there. Albert worked for the RAF for his whole career and it took him to other parts of the Far East as well as Aden and Germany, before Doris and he eventually settled down in Devon.

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Heanton Nursing Home was recently rated as “outstanding” by the Care Quality Commission and Doris lives nearby. The Home cares for 52 “family members” who are each at the centre of every decision made. The care team make detailed notes about each family member’s life history as it is only by knowing their likes, dislikes and interests that they can truly offer the best person-centred care.

Sixty-seven years after getting married, Albert now lives with dementia, and Doris visits him in the home every week and says the Heanton care team are excellent and she really appreciates everything they do for him.

Jerry Short care writer


In aid of St Mary’s Church

Monday 26th August


Buckland Filleigh Village Hall
EX21 5HZ

Entries from 12.30 Judging 1.30

Refreshments and raffle

Contact Emma Anderson 01409 231294

Rosettes kindly donated by Woodhead Woofers



In 2018 Shebbear has been denied a resident GP for the first time since 1890.

Save Shebbear Surgery petition

Please click on this link for previous information on the
Shebbear surgery closure.

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