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In 2018 Shebbear has been denied a resident GP for the first time since 1890.

Join the campaign to demand that NHS England force Ruby Country Medical Group (RCMG) to provide our community with an effective GP service it deserves. We expect our NHS to put patient care before private profit.

This is not a criticism of the any health care provided or the staff involved, just a concern that the surgery won't return to Shebbear if no pressure is brought to bear.


Mid June 2018
Amanda Fisk, director of assurance and delivery at NHS England, said: “We’re really pleased to award the contract to Holsworthy Doctors. Their submission was impressive, especially its focus on the needs of patients and the quality of service"

28th June 2018
It was discovered that the surgery will close a month earlier than planned with less than 24hrs notice. Ruby Country Medical Group told patients that Shebbear Village Hall will be used and what times, despite the fact that they hadn't inspected the hall or contacted those responsible for letting it to see if it was available or had a phone of Wi-Fi.

Eventually, after much speculation on social media the first public announcement was not released directly but through the Village Hall chair about ongoing surgery plans from 2nd July onwards. This still had timings that couldn't be adhered to due to previous Village Hall bookings. No mention was made of prescriptions which were previously denied to patients.

Despite the booking of the Village Hall hasty site visits to The Church Hall and the Village Hall were made on Sunday 1st to see the sites to make a final decision. The Village Hall was chosen and the surgery times corrected.

10th July 2018
Jane Wells Managing Partner of RCMG addresses the Shebbear Parish Council meeting and amongst other things, told them (words to the affect) that she wouldn't deal with Dr Fernandez, but seemed to be happy that plans were going well and that efforts to identify suitable Shebbear premises were ongoing, in fact she guaranteed that we would have everything in place within 3 months with a male GP and a female GP sharing the cover in the village.

11th July 2018
The Surgery at the Village Hall finishes for the day, a note was placed in the window and doors were left open over night as they left. Nobody was contacted until a statement was made the following day by NHS England.

13th July 2018
NHS England letter released by Mark Proctor blaming Dr Fernandez for not being able to secure Beech House and unspecified problems with Hatherleigh premises and Shebbear Village Hall. Strangely these happened at exactly the same time within an hour or so of each other.

Q. How long will the mini bus to RCMG run? What are the plans for prescriptions?

31st July 2018
It was revealed that a Shebbear resident had negotiated with Dr Fernandez to act as intermediary to ensure that Beech House can once again be used as our surgery. This was rejected out of hand by Dr Brown of Ruby Country Medical Group and said that there was no timescale to replace Beech House.

RCMG July/Aug Newsletter
Still claiming that Dr Fernandez prevented them from using Beech House. Dr Fernandez has told residents of Shebbear that he is very keen on Beech House to be continued to be used for the new GP Practice. It is reported that Dr Brown and Jane Wells of RCMG have both said that they won't deal with Dr Fernandez.

3rd August 2018
RCMG release the following information:

"Premises in Shebbear
Ruby Country Medical Group continues to explore options for securing suitable premises in Shebbear. Preliminary landlord discussions have been held. This will always be a delicate process, but the practice is doing all it can to bring GP care back to the village as soon as it can. Local collection of prescriptions

A GP practice that wants to dispense medications itself – rather than via a pharmacy – has to get approval from NHS England. This requires a formal application, in line with national regulations. Ruby Country is seeking dispensing rights for its patients in the Hatherleigh and Shebbear areas. An application has to be based in part on demand from patients, which the practice is collating."

It is believed that there is already a dispensing license for Beech House, so why will they not consider it? This is also the first time that RCMG tell most patients who their appointed GP is, a month after they should have according to their contract and indeed the law.

8th August
Reports from Holsworthy social media that RCMG appointments for Holsworthy residents are in the region of three weeks, even for very serious conditions that require much speedier attention.


There is a petition in just about every gathering place in Shebbear. Please make sure that you sign this call to return our community facility if nothing else.

A copy of the petition may be down loaded here to print off at home to obtain as many signatures as possible.

It is perfectly understandable if you feel that you need to move to a different surgery, but please put off the time as long as possible and complain to the CQC explaining the reasons why you had to.

It may also a good idea to tell RCMG that you can't get to Holsworthy for prescriptions if asked.


It's vital that every patient and resident plays their part and raises their concerns with those who might make a difference. Please do not harass the doctors, nurses HCAs or receptionists of Holsworthy or those of the closed Shebbear Surgery.

Be sure to raise the points that are specific to you, how long is the mini bus going to be available, when will medication once again be dispensed in Shebbear, what are the issues preventing the use of Beech House Surgery?

Complaints/comments should be made to:

Jane Wells is the Practice Partner HOLSWORTHY MEDICAL CENTRE, Dobles Lane, Holsworthy, EX22 6GH Tel: 01409 253692
General enquiries: Review RCMG here

Mark Procter: Joint Director of Primary Care wrote a letter about the closure, blaming Dr Fernandez. Francis disputes this and is keen for Beech House to be used for its primary purpose. South Devon and Torbay Clinical Commissioning Group, Pomona House, Oak View, Torquay,TQ2 7FF Tel: 01803 652500

When the new contract was announced, Amanda Fisk, Director of Assurance and Delivery at NHS England was quoted in the Holsworthy Post as saying: “We’re really pleased to award the contract to Holsworthy Doctors. Their submission was impressive, especially its focus on the needs of patients and the quality of service." You may wish to make contact with her

Members of the public, patients, and their representatives should contact the Customer Contact Centre. You can contact us by: Telephone: 0300 311 22 33 Email: General Post (including complaints): NHS England, PO Box 16738, Redditch, B97 9PT

Ensure that our local MP is aware of the strength of feeling and get him to work on our behalf. The Rt Hon Geoffrey Cox QC MP First Floor, Lockyer House, Paddons Row, Tavistock PL19 0DF Telephone 01822-612925 Email: 199762655/Holsworthy%20Doctors

When further information is available, it will be posted on this website.

Please click on this link for previous information on the
Shebbear surgery closure.


Refreshments and Raffle Sunday 26th August 2018
(Please note change from Bank Holiday Monday To Sunday)
at Buckland Filleigh Village Hall EX21 5HZ

Entries from 12.30 Judging 1.30

Contact Emma Anderson 01409 23129

Rosettes kindly donated by Woodhead Woofers

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